Sunday, August 28, 2005


Quite possibly the most bootlegged project in hip-hop history,
INI was originally signed by Pete Rock’s cousin Heavy D, Intending on a release with Uptown Records. Pete Rock saw the potential of his younger brother’s crew and bought out their contract before Puffy could move on them.

The first group signed to Pete’s new label
“Soul Brother Records” under the ownership of Elektra Records and label head Silvia Rhone, INI faced plenty of adversity throughout the recording of their album “Who's Gonna Rock The Spot” in 1995. Silvia Rhone was never happy with the finished project nor the production costs coming from Greene Street studios. The album is a true classic, bridging Rastafarian ideology with street credibility, along with Pete’s special beat formula, provided a cohesive album that stands the test of time. Q-Tip and Extra P also grace the LP with some great lyrical flows.

The first single “Fakin Jax” was released to much success and the b-side “props” was a true Pete Rock banger, Funkmaster Flex played it daily for months. The group encountered the usual label problems and the desire to cut the four-man crew to two (Rob-O and Grap Luva both definitely hold there own verbally) caused tension. After the collapse of Soul Brother Records, like many other Elektra projects (KMD, Juggaknots, etc) the album was officially scrapped along with the equally good Deda Baby Pa LP.

After the break-up, Rob-O went on to record a series of underrated 12”s independently, leaving true hip-hop heads thirsty for the finished LP to be dropped in its true form, unfortunately, it never was.
The first bootleg copies were poorly pressed and an instrumental version even surfaced (as did many other Elektra projects) BBE released a confused version of the project in 2003 and even included some solo work by Rob-O, not intended for the LP, or even produced by Pete Rock. BBE even dropped a few 7”s from INI cohort, Meccalicious, who was featured on the LP as well as the “Fakin Jax” remix and “Strange Fruit” which later turned up in different form on the “Soul Survivor” LP

Forgotten on all pressings of the LP are the 4 instrumental interludes (which had become a Pete Rock trademark since the Main Ingredient LP) Strange enough, one of these instrumentals was later used by 50 cent and G Unit. Freestyles by Meccalicious and Fellow Mount Vernon native Pete Red were also included as well as the intro, midro, and outro. “Keep on” was also omitted from most pressings for reasons unknown.







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props. Ill have to compile a new version of Center Of Attention for myself with these extra InI snippets and "Keep On"'s little things like that which can really add to the feel of an album.


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